Same Jewelry, Lower Price

At Staples Jewelry, we have a great selection of quality jewelry priced lower than designer name brands. We carry jewelry styled similarly to many designer name brands. Same quality, lower price. Come in and compare for yourself! All that advertising is expensive – why should you pay for it?

At Staples Jewelry, we offer a tremendous selection of fine jewelry made by jewelers known for their quality stones and craftsmanship, not their glitzy advertising.

We know what our customers want and we know what you want, too. You want great selection, quality stones and amazing settings for much less than you’d pay at the high margin stores.

Staples Jewelry is a family owned business started by renowned jeweler Jerry Staples. Working with another jeweler, Jerry had developed a strong following over the years because of his uncommon skill and vast knowledge of diamonds.

Jerry went out on his own in 1987 with the mission of providing exceptional quality diamond jewelry at unbelievably low prices and his mission proved to be an enduring success. And after all these years, we have the same mission we had when Jerry first started the company. 100% customer satisfaction.

His son, Dan, joined the business in 1998 and runs the business today with his wife, Emily, and a dedicated skilled staff. Dan and Emily are committed to maintaining Jerry’s tradition of value and quality. And, like Jerry, they know jewelry.

Considering a legacy timepiece? We know watches, too. We can help you select timepieces that you’ll be proud to hand down to your future generations. 

We make quality jewelry affordable. Our low cost financing makes it possible for you to choose the right jewelry and buy it at the right price, so you can own the jewelry you deserve, not just the jewelry you think you can afford. 

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